Development of Selfhood Through the Arts

HEAL Foundation assists children of trauma and loss with hand-made dolls to help heal and strengthen the Self. Giving grief a shape heralds the uniqueness of the authentic Self and offers time for reparative experiences to occur. This gift that expresses honor, becomes a change agent and offers children the opportunity to connect to their feelings, realize their wholeness and grow in abundance.

Selfhood School, another mission of HEAL Foundation, develops authentic selfhood through the Arts. Rooted in the ubuntu philosophy and the Doll Process (doll making and storytelling) Selfhood School serves as a catalyst on the path to wholeness where learners are empowered to develop the Self and further their humanity.  Classes are offered for educators, healers and learners.

Amandla House of Joy is a creche in Port Elizabeth, South Africa; a recipient of guidance, teaching supplies, a monthly educational newsletter and school equipment.  HEAL Foundation has been very instrumental in the development of this program in addition to providing support for a creche in Cape Town called Babyland. 

HORNS DO NOT GROW BEFORE THE HEAD,” is a bullying awareness program for ages K-5 learners. Learners are guided to strengthen their brains, problem solve, embrace their rights, explore their feelings, educate their hearts and minds and learn paths to peace.  Enriched by Rumi’s wisdom and empowered with an Alphabet of Selfhood, learners utilize their imagination through the Arts, grow their selfhood and determine boundaries that nurture and support.  Teacher and community workshops help sustain the circle of prevention and protection.

A COMPASSION DOLL named Amandla reveals messages of selfhood to foster growth and development.  Materials vary with individual dolls and are available for purchase to support the goals of HEAL Foundation. 


Selfhood Doll Safari
(A guide for educators and healers...a shared path to acquire wholeness with exercises for learners)

Alphabet of Selfhood
(A compilation of children’s stories and activities that nurture the development of selfhood with wisdom of educators and an alphabet of selfhood)

One Camel Does Not Laugh at Another Camel's Hump
(Lessons in Compassion...A journey from bullying to selfhood)

An Educator's Guide to the Doll Process
(Doll making and storytelling)

Princess Kindness Khumalo, Book One
(Stories for primary age that expand the princess culture to include messages of selfhood)

Princess Kindness Khumalo, Book Two
(Stories for primary age that expand the princess culture to include messages of selfhood)

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